Top 10 worst places to live in the world

I was thinking to myself the other day of how lucky I am to be working in a nice city that isn’t too polluted and has all the amenities I need. When I thought about where you could be living instead. If you just check the news every day, you’ll surely see one place where a bomb has gone off or there has been a shooting or something equally tragic. With a little bit of help from the research done by Mercer this year I thought I’d give you a list of places I would not go to live.

No way, Pedro


This includes knowledge picked up along the way from articles, various friends, colleagues and family members. A large proportion of the data is based on a liveability list conducted by Mercer this year. It uses a number of different criteria to enable companies and organisations to better understand how they should compensate their international staff in terms of pay and allowances.

Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad is the capital and largest city in Iraq. It is also the second largest city in western Asia. The city is still trying to recover from the horrors of the Iraq war. This has led to major infrastructure problems throughout the city. Also there is still an ever present threat from ISIS in the area. Add to that growing economic concerns and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Bangui, Central African Republic

Bangui is the largest city and capital of the Central African Republic. With large natural resources in minerals and even wildlife you would think that they could use that to solve many of the problems around starvation, deforestation and illiteracy. But the occasional war and political destabilisation do nothing to help the situation.

Sana’a, Yemen

Sana’a is the largest city and capital of Yemen. Forget the ongoing war with Saudi Arabia and the constant bombings etc. This is a city where over half of its inhabitants look to humanitarian aid for fresh water. Also of the water that is available no one knows when this will run out.

Port au Prince, Haiti

The capital and city with the largest population in Haiti. Really still seen as unsafe for travellers this city has struggled this year with political problems in having no elected leader and an issue of perhaps modernising too fast and not having basic infrastructure in place such as a reliable sewage system. All leading to general lawlessness and violence on the streets.

Khartoum, Sudan

Khartoum is the capital and second largest city in the Sudan. Located at the confluence between the White Nile and the Blue Nile. Apparently a breeding ground for ISIS converts Khartoum appears to have massive problems with health and sanitation where a growing populace and a lack of infrastructure are leading to health problems for the population.

N’Djamena, Chad

N’Djamena is the capital and port city on the river Chari in Chad. An unfortunate story of massive potential due to a wealth of oil reserves but let down by corrupt governments funding seemingly everlasting civil wars that ravage the already devastated population.

Damascus, Syria

The capital and second largest city in Syria. You only have to pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV to see that civil war has ravaged Syria and Damascus as the capital seems to be bearing the brunt of this. Now it seems the terrorist group the Islamic State is the new enemy, but this hasn’t stopped refugees fleeing the country in their hundreds and thousands.

Brazzaville, Congo

The capital and largest city of the Republic of Congo situated across the river from the larger city of Kinshasa. Even though rich in natural resources such as oil. The vast majority of the population lives in abject poverty. The country is rife with civil war and conflict.

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

The much larger city of Kinshasa is located on the other side of the Congo river from Brazzaville. The Capital and largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately, a typical story of rife corruption and in efficient government leading to dire health care problems due to lack of clean drinking water for example. In turn leading to war and despair across the country.

Conakry, Guinea Republic

The capital and largest city in Guinea. Even though it is rich in mineral deposits and natural resources it is still one of the poorest countries in the world. This is causing wide spreads strikes and violence throughout the city.

I hope this has been informative, interesting and you liked reading it.

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