10 off the most unusual homes you’ll ever see

I thought it was all getting a little too heavy with all this uncertainty in the air about the future of the property market in the UK. So onto something a little lighter this week. It’s always interesting to see how someone else lives and more importantly what kind of home they live in.

So let’s take a look at some very interesting property. This is by no means an exhaustive list. One of the properties is a hobbit like hole dug into the side of a hill and I being a big fan of Tolkien’s work was keen to see if there were more weird and wonderful living creations out there at the moment for us to feast our eyes on. However not all the wacky and wonderful constructions have actually been built to live in so those aren’t included in my list.

Would you live in a home like this?


This includes knowledge picked up along the way from articles, various friends, colleagues and family members.

Giant Sea Shell House


shell house1 shell house2

Very colourful and no doubt designed by someone with a love of the sea. Looks like it might actually be quite cosy inside. I like the front of the building it’s like a mosaic of light and colour.

Via demilked

Stone house


Stonehouse portugal1 Stonehouse portugal2

This one’s a bit austere for my liking. It feels like it should be the house of some villain in some horror or sci-fi film. I’d love to know what it looks like inside.

Via patricia_ferreira

Boeing Jet house

USA, Oregon

Boeing house1 Boeing house2 

I reckon this guy was an ex-pilot that felt so comfortable in his aircraft that he needed to actually live in one. As with most airplanes though I expect the toilet to be a little cramped.

Via airplanehome

Star Trek apartment

UK, Leicestershire

Star Trek house1 Star Trek house2

Only a true Treky could come up with this marvellous replica of the inside of the spaceship. A real Sci-fi fans dream this I would say. Somewhere to really forget yourself and enjoy the fantasy.

Via mirror

Tree house home

USA, Florida

Tree house1 Tree house2

For all those people that still feel like 10 years old. Here it is a fully liveable treehouse situated on a farm I think. You definitely won’t worry about falling out of the bed on this one.

Via airbnb

Flintstones inspired House


Flinstone house1 Flinstone house2

These themed properties seem to keep popping up. It really does look like a cave. Maybe to bring back some of those cave man/woman instincts once again.

Via ghoofie

Worlds Thinnest House


slimmest house1 slimmest house2

Now I’m a fairly tall fella but not too wide. But if you’ve got an extra bit of luggage your trying to lose this may not be the place for you. Also what happens when you invite someone round for a cupper?

Via dezeen

Underwater House

Wherever there’s a lot of water,

under water home1 under water home2

For all those Bond fans out there and I include myself here. What would it have been to like to live like that Stromberg guy from The Spy Who Loved Me film in his underwater Atlantis. Well here it is!

Via ussubstructures



s-house1 s-house2

Now I like to see a good amount of light where I’m living and not have to revert to using artificial lights all the time. But surely there’s a balance between that and a little privacy. Great Concept though.

Via inhabitat

Hobbit House

UK, Holme Valley

hobbit house1 hobbit house2

Another favourite of mine. Strangely enough only because it’s the home of Hobbits. It looks really cosy to me. Have a look at the video from the link below.

Via homesandproperty

I hope this has been informative, interesting and you liked reading it.

That’s all folks this week but I’ll be back again next week. Please subscribe to my Virtual Demon blog and I look forward to your comments and feedback.