10 of the most expensive homes in the world

Moving on from the unusual properties that are out there. We are usually impressed by just how much things cost and how much square footage your hard earned cash can get you. Therefore, this week we are looking at some of the most expensive homes on the market at the moment. These homes are certainly a little more mainstream than last week’s list.

So let’s take a look at some very pricey property. This is by no means an exhaustive list. One of the properties is the Playboy Mansion of which I’m sure a lot of people would like to have a look inside. While some of these properties just seem to have far too many bathrooms they are all pretty spectacular homes.

How many bedrooms do you need?


This includes knowledge picked up along the way from articles, various friends, colleagues and family members.


Mumbai, India

Estimated value: Over 1 billion USD


The number one in our list is this 27 story, 400,000 square foot skyscraper. Which is currently the home of Indian billionaire businessman Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. Apparently it’s named after a mythical island in the Atlantic. There are 6 underground floors just for parking and the home needs a small army of staff to keep it running smoothly.

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Villa Les Cedres or Villa Leopolda


Estimated value: 1 billion EURO


The first of a number of properties from France. This amazing home has actually recently come on the market. Formerly the residence of the King of Belgium. This property has 10 bedrooms, a ball room and stables all set in 35 acres in the south of France.

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The Nile Niami Bel Air Spec Home


Estimated value: 500 million USD


The first of our homes based in the Los Angeles hill side. This 100,000 square feet home once completed will encompass a nightclub, casino and walls made from Jellyfish tanks.

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Le Palais Bulles


Estimated value: 455 million USD


The Bubble Palace and home of Pierre Cardin. Apparently it covers 1,200 square meters and has a 500-person capacity amphitheatre. All this combine with stunning views of the Mediterranean from the Cote d’Azur.

Via habitat-bulles.com

Tour de Odeon penthouse


Estimated value: 330 million USD


This one I really like, close to the sea and once completed will have great views over Monaco. This 5 floor penthouse has a giant infinity pool and slide from which to watch the world go by.

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18 Carlton House Terrace


Estimated value: 330 million USD


One of the largest private homes in London. Situated within walking distance to Buckingham Palace this six storey, grade I listed building is said to boast 50,000 square feet of living space.

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220 Central Park South Penthouse


Estimated value: 250 million USD

This 3 floor, 23,000 square feet apartment within an apartment building boasts 16 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. Currently still being built. Eventually it will have great views over central park from its Manhattan location.

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Fair Field, Sagaponack


Estimated value: 248 million USD


Far field the home of billionaire Ira Rennert is set on the beautiful Hamptons coast line. Said to be one of the largest and most expensive homes in the USA. No one is quite sure, but it is said to have anywhere between 21 and 29 bedrooms and 18 to 39 bathrooms.

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The Playboy Mansion


Estimated value: 200 million USD


The infamous home of Hugh Hefner and his Bunnies. The home boasts 29 rooms including a 4-bedroom guest house. All of this is set in 5 acres of prime Los Angeles real estate.

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Admiralty Arch Apartment


Estimated value: 200 million USD


Apparently the $200 million asking price will be for one of four penthouses based in the Arch in the prestigious central London location. Expect period features, high ceilings and even membership to the private members’ club.

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